A flying visit to Botswana

  "So, Bishop, can you join us for two weeks of evangelism in Botswana?" Well, obviously, the answer would be 'yes' if I possibly could... although the diary had something to say about that. We have a Diocesan Link from Newcastle Diocese, with the Diocese of Botswana, and I had yet to visit. In reality,… Continue reading A flying visit to Botswana


Bishop on the run…

Why is a bishop doing the Great North Run? If you have scanned the QR code on my back to get to this blog, then this is a question which I might very well be asking myself at this very moment! There are four reasons: Firstly, I thought it would be a good thing to… Continue reading Bishop on the run…

How do we train ministers for a world we haven’t yet imagined?

I wrote the following article for the Ordinands Association website: “You are training to serve a world which hasn’t yet been imagined in a church which we don’t yet recognise...” So began the lectures on Christian leadership which I used to give at Cranmer Hall. Before me sat 30-40 people with an average of 35-45 years… Continue reading How do we train ministers for a world we haven’t yet imagined?